Saturday, August 21, 2010

Power Up With Minerals

Its been quite a bit since I've posted to my blog, as we've had a very full summer. We've been focusing on bringing more balance into ourselves, opening to the flow.

Among many other things, Steve and I have been experimenting with easy ways to bring minerals into our very busy lives. We know that a wide variety of minerals and nutrients are so important to our wellbeing. How do we encourage the family to get these vital nutrients into their beings? Especially seaweeds and greens. We've begun a class on what we have learned works for us. The fine folks at The Gathering of the Raw Foodies III and The ClearPoint Center were kind in letting us present our findings and we would like to share that information with all of you.

Following is the five part video series from the class we did at ClearPoint. Take from them what may benefit you and please leave what you do not vibe with. We plan on continuing to develop this class, so if you have any thing to add that may enlighten us please share!

In Bliss and Sunshine!

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