Saturday, February 18, 2012


Over the last few years my family has been on a search of sorts.  An adventure really.  Not quite ready to settle down and root into a "permanent" spot (whatever THAT might mean.) We've decided to explore bits of our country, meet new folks, learn new tricks, and open ourselves up to new ideas and new experiences.  And oh how this has rung true.  We begun our journey right at our doorstep, learning and growing from all of the marvelous people around us.  Since then, we've had the very fine pleasure of becoming part of several very amazing and wonderful communities, literally from coast to coast.  My family and I have lived within and visited ecosystems that were vastly different, yet all completely breathtaking.  We've begun to define and refine what is really and truly important to us as a family.

The places that we have fallen in love with have had two common threads:
Beauty.  Sheer and utter beauty.  Blankets of magic drawing you in.
Community.  Loving, nurturing, sweet, happy, welcoming community.

I've noticed a sadness, almost a heartbreak, every time that we move on from one of these communities.  I thought maybe it was the job that I loved, or the kitchen that I have dreamed about forever.  Maybe the mountains or the golden, glowing river.

Back on the road, we were able to visit one of our favorite places, just for a short visit.  While there, I tried to come up with a feasible way for us to stay, I really did.  I forgot how much I missed it.  The desert, being in a kitchen, the mountains, the magic.  But we just left another amazing place.  Foothills, a river of magic, miles and miles of open space, and I already miss that too.  And we are headed to another wonderful place.  Ocean, four seasons, forest.  What is it??  What is it really that has my heart torn in so many different directions?

I realize, after spending a measly few hours with, specifically, three girl friends, that it is them, and the family we were taken in to.  And the community that welcomed us on the west coast, and those back home in the east.  Something that I wasn't expecting, I guess.  Finding family. We now have this amazing extended family.

I guess that what I am getting at is this.  Its all the same.  We can live our dream here, there or anywhere really.  What we desire as a family can be done virtually anywhere if we set our intentions.  But what is TRULY important?

To be surrounded, engulfed and completely embraced by our Mother's infinite gifts of nature.  To be in a home where we are in awe, for months and years by our Earth Mother's beauty and majesty .

And very importantly, to be welcomed into a community that is easy to reach out to and be surrounded by.  To be within a loving, like-minded, aware, open-minded, community.  And to gather with this community.

I just want to send out my love.  My open arms and my open heart.  I have SO much gratitude for my sisters and brothers, blood and spirit family, East, West, and all of those in between.  I am so lucky to have connected with this circle.  I feel completely loved and send out so much love.

My gratitude to you ALL.
Love and Blessings, Bliss and Gratitude,

Friday, February 17, 2012

Matcha Milkshakes

One of my favorite memories of my time in Patagonia, AZ, was when I would sit in the shade with my Cafe Sisters on a hot Arizona day, and sip on a tall glass of Matcha Milkshake.  It was always wonderful, and by midway through our drink we would all have smiles spreading  from ear to ear.  If you can get your hands on some of the scrumptious DoMatcha brand Matcha, I can't recommend it enough. 

For those of you new to the concept of Matcha, Matcha is a powdered green tea originating in China by Zen Buddhists, and brought to Japan in the year 1191 where it continued to be important within the Zen monasteries.  Matcha is prepared in a different manner than traditional green tea.  Weeks before the plant is harvested, the plant is placed under shade, removing it from direct sunlight and forcing the it to take up more nutrients and minerals from the soil, resulting in the formation of amino acids.  The finest buds are hand-picked, laid flat to dry and then ground into a fine powder.  When consuming Matcha, the powder is added directly to the drink, where all of the nutrients are taken into the body, verses steeping the leaves and discarding the leaf.  The resulting product leading to a blissful, peaceful, awakened state.  

Traditionally, Matcha is consumed in a ceremony, however, living in the west, and not being exposed to the sacredness of this tea, I learned to drink Matcha as a blissful, summertime drink.  All of my ladies have their own rendition of the drink, I will provide you with my favorite recipe, but please, the fun is in experimenting and finding the combination that most tickles YOUR taste buds.

And if my Cafe Sisters are reading this, I love you and can't wait for our next Matcha break!!!
Matcha Milkshake




2C Nutmilk

6 dates, pitted

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

3/4 tsp matcha powder (or substitute in cacao, lucuma, mesquite or other superfood powder of choice)

twist of himalayan pink salt

1 tray ice cubes

Blend nutmilk, dates, vanilla, matcha and salt until smooth.

Add ice and continue blending.

Pour into two pint glasses and share with someone you love.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rain in the Desert

 Remembering today 
one of my favorite things about the Desert...

Watching the storm clouds roll in 
Over the mountains and across the valley.  
So magnificent.

On the Road Again

 Pulling out of the Drive way, leaving the San Juan Ridge and our beautifully sweet yurt.
 Orange Trees in the Suburbs in Davis, Ca

 Of course Eli grabbed a few fresh oranges for the Family.
(He asked first!)
 On the 5, heading out of the Valley and over the pass into LA

 After a long 7 hr drive, where else would I find the kids besides together, on the bed, 
"Look Mom, we made a heart!"
After selling our RV, the kids were, of course, a bit bummed.  Steve and I granted to each child one wish, be it material or a fun experience.  What did our little foodies decide on???

Lunch at Mr. Chow's Noodle House in Beverly Hills.
On the extras of Kung-Fu Panda, they had seen the chef perform the magic of creating authentic noodles with two hands and nothing else.  They had to have those noodles, and we had to oblige.

Farewell, California.  You have been a wonderful friend.
We connected with amazing folks.
Nourished our bodies with fresh local food.
Doused our bodies in your sunshine, open land and rolling foothills.
You have made an impression, opened us a bit more.
And provided us with the luxury of family time.
Thank you, California, you are in our hearts forever.