Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Moving through the Detox

There are many things that we will encounter in life that will shift our body into what is known as a healing crisis, or a detox.   Often times when we incorporate new, healthy habits into our lifestyle, such as a change in diet, increased physical activity or new herbs or supplements, and our body must cleanse out the toxins in order to function with a renewed life force.

A healing crisis may include a variety of symptoms, and this is completely normal as our body begins to heal, and especially if your new lifestyle includes changing your diet, exercising or eliminating addictive behaviors.  This may manifest in symptoms similar to a head cold, the flu and may include increased frequency and loose stool, increased urination, a rash, mucus, fatigue, agitation or other uncomfortable signs.  The best way to combat detox is to help move it through.   Below are a few suggestions to move through the detox now and avoid one in the future.

1. Biannual Cleanse

A great way to avoid a healing crisis in the future is to implement a biannual cleanse. one in both spring and a fall is an amazing gift to your body.  There are so many options for this, including a juice fast, raw food challenge, sugar detox, liver flush or Ayurvedic, kitchari cleanse.  Whichever one resonates with you is a great way to give your body a pause from the constant bombardment of food and give our system a chance to rest, process what is in our body and cleanse it from our system.


2. Detox agents

There are many foods that help to detox our bodies on a everyday basis a few are:

Cilantro for heavy metals, including mercury. Cilantro releases deposits of neurotoxins. Just be sure to also use a binder, such as clay, to attach onto these toxins and pull them out of the body.

Vitamin C rich foods help remove waste and repair damaged tissue.

Drinking half of your body weight in water flushes toxins from your cells and out of your body.

Green smoothies not only provide fiber for flushing the system, but activate your body to cleanse.

White onions, garlic and dandelions detox the liver.

Beets aid in flushing out toxins while also cleansing the liver.

The pectin in apples help remove food additives and metals.


3. Drink Plenty of Pure

Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces in water everyday to flush waste from your cells.

Lemon water stimulates your lymphatic system, aids digestion and promotes health liver function, all necessary for detoxing your body.


4. Skin scrub

It is often easy to forget that our skin is our largest organ.  Do you know that it is a major source of detoxing out toxins when our liver is overloaded?  When we have skin imperfections, rashes, acne, etc, it is another form of detoxification.  The first step is lightening the load on our liver, doing a liver cleanse, making sure we focus on healthy fats, eating liver supporting foods, so less detox happens through the skin. It is estimated that we lose, on average 1 pound of waste through our skin every day.  By exfoliating our entire body through a dry skin brushing or salt scrub, you are ridding the body of the dead skin cells, and making way for an easier flow of your waste.  The scrub also aids in stimulating your lymphatic system aiding in drainage, tightens skin and stimulates hormones.  (


5. Go for a walk!

Walk or find another form of cardio exercise that you love.  Exercise, boosts your immune system and stimulates your lymphatic system.  Exercise aids your body in delivering oxygen and nutrients, increasing energy and making it difficult for bacteria and viruses to survive.


6. Supporting your Lymphatic System

Did you know that you have 3 times as much lymph fluid as blood?  Did you also know that while we have the heart to circulate our blood, we have no specific muscle dedicated to move this fluid.  The lymph system cleans and clears our body of waste and debris and the major source of moving and cleaning this fluid is through our movement.  Cardio exercise, walking, yoga, lymph massage, skin brushing, these are ways that we move this fluid and are able to clear the toxins out of our body through sweat, urine, respiratory and elimination.


7. Coffee Enema

This is one of those things that no one likes to hear, but I will tell you first hand, it is a miracle worker.  The coffee stimulates your liver to release toxins and flush them out.  Here is a great video on how and why.  Coffee Enema How-To

8. Self Care

Finally, self care is imperative for keeping your system strong and healthy and aiding your body in detoxification.  Rest, pampering and meditation can do wonders to keeping your system optimal.

By supporting your detox in this way, it will help your body to move any toxins that your body has stored over the years, out of your cells, out of your blood, and most importantly out of your body.


By supporting your detox in this way, it will help your body to move any toxins that your body has stored over the years, out of your cells, out of your blood, and most importantly out of your body.


What will do you to take care of yourself? Comment Below!

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  1. Are you sure about the half the body weight in water, a day? 80 lbs of water sounds like a lot, maybe even dangerous. How much does a gallon weight? The Green Smoothies those are the best! I like to grind up organic whole oats and include them in the smoothie for extra fiber. Exercise cannot be over emphasized. And meditation, even if it is just noticing your breath as much as possible during the day.

  2. Frank, it says half your body weight IN OUNCES