Friday, November 4, 2011

Where are we now.. A sneak peek

Our Driveway :-) 

See our sweet yurt poking through the trees??

Lunch and a shoebox o' freshly picked grapes 

The kids getting a taste of country living

Yes, that is my outdoor bathtub!  
(We do have a full bathroom inside as well :-)

Tamale making for the Day of the Dead with our fabulous neighbors. 

 And paper mache lanterns at our place with the whole crew.

The Yuba

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in Cali

 A pre-Halloween Stroll through the streets of Berkley

 A quick pause for green juice and smoothies!

  Halloween morning snack, Fresh Blackberries!

 Solomon, our one of our closest NEIGH-bors

 Trick or Treating with the Ananda Village Community

 Enjoying the bounty of the Candy Fairy!!

After 2 months of being uprooted, and spread out across the country:
 We have a home.
We are re-united as a family. 
We had a hayride drive us trick-or-treating.
 AND there were many healthy options at the homes we visited.
I can safely say this was the BEST Halloween ever!