Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On the Road Again

 Pulling out of the Drive way, leaving the San Juan Ridge and our beautifully sweet yurt.
 Orange Trees in the Suburbs in Davis, Ca

 Of course Eli grabbed a few fresh oranges for the Family.
(He asked first!)
 On the 5, heading out of the Valley and over the pass into LA

 After a long 7 hr drive, where else would I find the kids besides together, on the bed, 
"Look Mom, we made a heart!"
After selling our RV, the kids were, of course, a bit bummed.  Steve and I granted to each child one wish, be it material or a fun experience.  What did our little foodies decide on???

Lunch at Mr. Chow's Noodle House in Beverly Hills.
On the extras of Kung-Fu Panda, they had seen the chef perform the magic of creating authentic noodles with two hands and nothing else.  They had to have those noodles, and we had to oblige.

Farewell, California.  You have been a wonderful friend.
We connected with amazing folks.
Nourished our bodies with fresh local food.
Doused our bodies in your sunshine, open land and rolling foothills.
You have made an impression, opened us a bit more.
And provided us with the luxury of family time.
Thank you, California, you are in our hearts forever.

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  1. We are right behind you.... leaving CA after 8 lovely months. We will home and it's in RI waiting for us to return. You, though, carry home on your back... so amazing. Can't wait to see where you land next.