Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Projects

I was fortunate to spend a frigid Saturday tucked away in my Aunt's master seamstress sewing room, with my aunt, one of my two favorite cousins ;-) , and a space heater. Pooling our creativity, working literally back to back at moments and accessing my aunt's experienced brain crafted such a wonderful time, I can't wait to do it again!
While things moved quite a bit slower than when I work on my own, I was able to pick their brains and acquire a few new tips, which made the final project so much more special.

My camera was on the fritz when we were at her place, so sadly I was not able to capture those moments (although I think my cousin has a shot on her i-phone ;)
I started with a pair of old fatigues, sliced them down the inseam and inserted a panel. Group creativity took the drawstring that originally tightened the ankles and placed them along the sides of my new skirt scrunching the bottom just enough for a bit of texture. I also learned a great new technique from my aunt on how to apply an embellishment.. because, well, a gal like me, she just can't wear camo without balancing it out. (Note the peace sign on my lower right leg.)

Here is a picture of my finished project..

I put the finishing touches on my skirt at home and my oldest brought me a pair of HER pants and we spent sunday crafting a skirt for her..

I was very impressed with her straight seams. I really think fashion is in her future ...

Added 2-2-10:
My cousin just sent me this picture of the three of us..

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  1. This might not be the most manly thing to do, but I want to learn how to use a sewing machine. There are 2 sitting at the Perrin's house that I will be sure to become familiar to, once we move over to Maine! Thanks for the inspiration!