Sunday, February 28, 2010

Special Time

With all three children, as infants, it always felt right to hop in the tub with them at bath time. Those cold, plastic baby bath tubs never made them happy, and it was so comforting for both of us to be enveloped in warm water. Safely, as in the womb, with Mama's gentle hands for security, they could relax and the time was pleasant for all. As they grew, mama stopped climbing in and let them splash and have fun on their own with Mama nearby to help wash and keep a watchful eye.

About two years ago, when I was barely pregnant with our baby girl, my oldest daughter and I started a ritual. Founded on the desire to hold our bond, to be sure that we had special time together, our "Girl Baths" began.

We went to our favorite herb store.. here, and filled our basket with fine bath items, bubble bath, facial masks, foot scrub, and lavender shampoo.

Since then the products have come and gone, but the intention is still the same. When my daughter needs that spcial Mama time, she simply asks. Dad keeps the other two occupied and we start the bubbles, we wash each others hair and scrub each others feet. This gives that necessary space to let communication just be, or not.

The little one began asking last night to join our bath, and after we had some quiet time, we let her in. She repeatedly requsted water be ceremoniously poured over her back and shoulders, and even received the final touch of a spritz of uplifting rose water to close the space.

I hope this ritual lasts forever (although we might need a bigger tub soon :-) But even if it doesn't, the memories and connection will surely outlast a lifetime.

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  1. How wonderfully special! You are an amazing mama and you are right: these memories will surely outlast a lifetime...