Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Raw Mama Trick #1

I'm always on the hunt for new tricks so I can incorporate an added nutritional boosts into my kids diets. What's been working for us the past couple of days?
Let me step back a bit. My husband decided about a week and a half or so ago to throw some wheat grass seeds into the garden. A brilliant idea! SO easy to take care of, we put them at the end of a row and tossed on a bit of row cover to protect the seeds from being scorched. Once we got them rolling, mother nature took care of the rest. (confession: we didn't even really take care of them much, we thought we had scorched them!)
So we've been throwing them in the blender with some water, straining the wheat grass juice and using that as the base of our smoothies.
What's been working for the kiddos??

Hidden Greens Pudding:
I take 2 cups of that wheatgrass water, add 2 handfuls of brazil nuts, a handful of soaked dates, 5 or so figs that I soaked for about 2 hours, a few heaping tbsp of carob, a twist of himalayan sea salt, blend it up and Viola! They LOVE it!
Try it out. Take their favorite raw recipe and sub in some green water, what ever you have on hand, you may have to compensate a bit, but what another great way to boost our babies!

Last nights baby food:
Papaya Pudding
1/4 cucumber, peeled, de-seeded
1/2 small papaya
1 avocado

Chop everything into large cubes and throw in the blender. She loved it! I'm thinking it should keep for a couple of days.. we'll see.

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  1. what a great idea! we've got some wheatgrass up in the greenhouse. thanks for the inspiration Sister.