Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our First Ice Skating Adventure

Emelia decided sometime ago that she wanted to become an ice skating teacher. So, for Solstice, she and Eli received their first pairs of ice skates. Patiently they have waited, and FINALLY the pond froze (our "pond" in the living room is thankful!) We headed way up north to Foster, RI, where we had our own personal rink.

Eli's four year old version of gathering his warm clothes for ice
Mom helped to find warm, waterproof mittens, a wool hat, a snow coat and snow pants...
He did find the knee pads though...

Suiting up for the adventure

I was very impressed at how quickly they adjusted to being on the ice, even Eli went back for more.

Although, Dad took to lying around on the job ;-)

Where was baby Willow during all of this, you maight ask?

Snug and warm, bundled and cuddled close to Mama and patiently waiting for her turn on the ice.